Toplica & Copperfino Script

Jovica Veljović is delighted to announce Toplica and Copperfino Script, two new typefaces he recently designed.

Copperfino Script Zima
Copperfino Script Rehinland
Copperfino Script Tropical Fruits

Copperfino Script

Copperfino Script, an exceptional adaptation of traditional copperplate script styles to contemporary typographic needs, with sensitive balance and harmony between letterforms as well as the careful refinement of all glyph parts, makes this font very readable and elegant. With over 1200 glyphs in Latin, including Vietnamese and Cyrillic, with plenty of ligatures and contextual letter combinations, this font can meet all your design needs.

Toplica Golden Tulip
Toplica Free Press
Toplica Ligatures


Toplica, with wide elliptical shapes, emphasized x-heights and strong contrast, this font appears monumental. Toplica comes in six styles from Light to Black, including Small Caps, and covers Vietnamese, Central and Eastern European latin glyphs. The Toplica font is particularly suitable for logos, packaging design and advertising.





Type designer Jovica Veljović is a long-time student and teacher of type design, calligraphy and typography; he is well-versed in historical Latinate forms as well as a modern explorer of the alphabetic line as a basis for art. Veljović received his master’s degree in calligraphy, lettering and graphic at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

He lives in Germany where he was teaching for 28 years type design, calligraphy and typography at the HAW Hamburg, and presents workshops throughout Europe and the United States. In addition to designing the type families Ex Ponto® Sava® and Silentium® for Adobe, Veljović has designed typefaces for the International Typeface Corporation (ITC Veljovic®, ITC New Veljovic®, ITC Esprit®, ITC New Esprit® and ITC Gamma®); in 1998, he adopted and extended Tiemann type family for exclusive use of the German newspaper Die Zeit. In 2006 he designed Politika Sans and Politika Roman for traditional Serbian newspaper Politika. For Linotype AG he has designed Libelle™, Veljovic Script™ and Agmena™ and for Monotype sans serif family Morandi™.

He has also served as a consultant on Cyrillic type designs for Apple Computer, Inc., Linotype-Hell AG, and URW Software & Type.

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